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What is Minernode?

Solo crypto mining isn't always profitable or possible. When you join a pool like Minernode you mine in a team with other people, which can increase your potential profits.

The best practice would be to join P2Pool. However, as a small miner, you cannot get rewards often. Also you need to have the blockchain on your computer, and run other programs to be able to participate.

With Minernode, you can enjoy the perks of a regular pool while your hashrate is used on P2Pool, supporting Monero decentralization.

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Edit the following lines in your config.json, where address is your Monero Address (starting with 4 or 8)

"pools": [
  "url": "",
  "user": "address",
  "pass": "x"

Or use these CLI args:

xmrig -o "" -p "x" -u "address"

There is no need to specify an algorithm or a coin.
Default difficulty is the same as P2Pool Mini. You may want to specify a difficulty. For that, take your 15 minute average hashrate, multiply it by 30 and append it to your address as so: address+diff.
Example: 2000 H/s * 30 = 60000 => 48----in+60000


How do I adjust the difficulty?

The pools default difficulty (75k) is optimized for miners with 2000H/s to 3000H/s. If you do not fall in that range, it will be a good idea to change the difficulty.
You can set the difficulty by changing the user value of your config.json to address+difficulty, for instance 48----in+60000. The formula for difficulty is 15 min hashrate * 30.

What software should I use to mine?

The most-used mining software is XMRig. Using it will guarantee the best experience using the pool. It is available for free on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Download here GitHub

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Visit #payouts in our Discord to view screenshots of all payouts. mXMR refers to micro XMR (0.001 XMR)